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[ox-en] ascii discussion programs - call for participants (Modified by Geert Lovink)

Hello there

ASCII is going to start a series of informational discussion programs
which will be transmitted live via the net and archived on our webpage
for later listening.
This will start in march, and continue onwards until further notice.

March is already fully arranged, but we are still looking for people to
participate as interview partners, lecturers and guests for april

April will be under the theme "Alternative Technologies"
We are looking for people who can talk about any of the following four

- Synergetics and the Technology of Buckminster Fuller
- Nicola Tesla and alternative electricity technologies
- Implosion Technology and the works of Victor Schauberger
- Environmental Sustainability and technology development

If you are someone who can contribute something on any of these topics,
or can put us in contact with a person who can, it would be highly

mimeographic designer

Contact: projekt

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