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[ox-en] people from southamerica

Hi all!
I have been reading some pages on the wiki. 
I found the possible speakers for 4th conference and Stefan Merten has pointed 
to have

# A member of the government of a South American state and/or China
They could explain their relationship to Free Software. -- StefanMertenEdit 
2005-12-02 07:30:36
# People from the Free Software community of South America
Graham may help here. -- StefanMertenEdit 2005-12-02 07:30:36

I am from Argentina and can help you to find people from the local community.
Like Graham I am participanting  in Hipatia ( and there are 
a lot of people that maybe are intrested in oekonux conference..

Ing. Di Biase José Luis
Contactos -->[ <> - Blog]
Contactos -->[ <> - Info Personal]
Contactos --> Tel: [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
GnuPG Public Key: 0xF6396FCC 
Contact: projekt

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