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Am 2 Jul 2006, um 15:59 in ox-de

Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications

OnlineBuch von Gary Alexander über den Einsatz von 
Technologie (CSC) für eine solidarische Ökonomie.

To counter that global cancer, this book sets out a Utopian yet 
practical agenda for change that harnesses the exciting potential of 
electronic communication to launch a new era of community 

It proposes a system of relationships - with the Earth as a living 
organism, and among the people living in it - that embody 
principles of collaboration and sustainability. It offers a path to a 
future with a co-operative free-market economy. It shows how 
electronic communications can be used so that the driving force of 
the economy is the health of the environment and the well being of 
all of humanity rather than money flows.




some text in engl. from uli f.

Hears to count on! ''Stop counting'' to exchange (... and!)  (... and 
Uli Frank - ulifrank - http:/  
dt. text in ox in 2005

We know today enough about capitalism, anyhow enough, in order 
make us on the way to something better.  


read more in chox.

Contact: projekt

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