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Re: [ox-en] Forum on Free Knowledge in Venezuela

El Sábado 16 Diciembre 2006 08:45, Stefan Merten escribió:
Hi josx!

Last week (10 days ago) josx wrote:
El Jueves 23 Noviembre 2006 17:20, magius escribió:
2006/11/23, Stefan Merten <smerten>:
I just read that from 17-21 October there where a forum on Free
Knowledge in Maturín in Monagas/Venezuela. Did anyone attend this? Did
anyone see reports on this?

Here's the english version of the "IV Foro Mundial de Conocimiento
Libre" website:

I didnt go there but people so close to me attend to it.
People from hipatia ( and solar (

Any report from these people?

Some comments but sorry in spanish.

Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT03635 Message: 5/5 L4 [In index]
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