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[ox-en] PeerInvestment – OpenTechnology Partnerships

PeerInvestment – OpenTechnology Partnerships

PDF e-flyer

When? 21st March 2007, 1.30pm – 5.30pm - Buffet lunch at 1.30pm and
after event drinks at 5.30pm | Where? The Bishopsgate Institute, 230
Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH | Map link

A half day enterprise forum exploring models of collaboration in the
field of OpenTechnology. Whether it's businesses or the cultural and
voluntary sector, Open Source Software and the Internet have provided
the freedom to build technologies to suit your creative needs. However
it still takes substantial resources and knowhow to realise your

PeerInvestment aims to show how partnerships using public domain
working models can benefit initiatives, enterprises and projects of
all scales. Our focus for this event will be on Open Source Software;
developer communities, forming open development projects, sharing
costs on a project, or working in large scale consortiums.

PeerInvestment wants to emphasize that outside traditional business
models, new business concepts have emerged based on the shared values
of cooperation, information sharing, peer review and transparency.

**The program**

- Intro and survey of OpenBusiness models and OpenTechnology (OT) by
Simon Worthington & Christian Ahlert
- London Innovations fund intro Martin Cooke
- - Launch of a new London based OT/FLOSS project
development network by Saul Albert
- OpenBusiness business models, Christian Ahlert
- Two relatively short presentations would profile existing investment
and partnership projects;Drupal UK group by Peter Brownell, second
speaker TBC
- Participants Open Mic presentations of projects
- Discussion on viability of partnership models profiled
- London Innovations fund business clinic

The event will be part of a series of networking meeting covering the
areas of OpenTechnology and OpenCulture

**What is OpenTechnology?** - Free software, Free networks, Free
hardware standards, Peer2Peer networking, Open standards, Open
content, Open IP agreements, +

**Organisers** - OpenMute in association with OpenBusiness & MiniBar

**Sponsors** - The London Development Agency and London Innovations
fund administered by Angle Technology PLC


Yours the OpenMute team and partners, March 2007

PS If you've not had enough then dorkbot london #46 follows later in
the evening


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