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[ox-en] Workshop Packet Forth, May 18 - 20 (Amsterdam) (Modified by Geert Lovink)

Workshop Packet Forth
18 - 20 May

Invited guests: Aymeric Mansoux, Tom Schouten and Marloes de Valk

This 3 day workshop is an introduction to generative visuals using the open source programming language Packet Forth. The workshop is aimed at artists and programmers interested in generative art, animation, audiovisual performances, and installations. No previous knowledge of programming is required, but a good general knowledge of computers is necessary. The entire workshop will be taught using the pure:dyne GNU/Linux distribution. If you're not familiar with GNU/Linux, this is a great opportunity to get started!

During the workshop we'll take you through some of the main features of Packet Forth. It's impossible to learn how to program in 3 days, so this workshop is just to get you started and get you through the first steps. We'll show you what is possible, and how to go about creating your own applications, starting at the very basis. We'll cover both drawing and animating, 2D and 3D, and how to link PF to other applications using Open Sound Control. It's a hands-on workshop which provides each participant with a workstation and 3 days packed with food for thought.

You'll go home with a pure:dyne live cd, containing all the software used in the workshop (and much much more). Go Forth! is based on 100% FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software).

Application: before April 25th (incl cv and motivation max 150 words) to: anouk Costs for three days: 150,- (studentcard or membershipcard Netherlands Media Art Institute 75,-).

Packet Forth
Packet Forth is an open source scripting language for artists and programmers interested in generative art, animation, audiovisual performances, installations, visualisation systems... Packet Forth is used for rapid prototyping, research and professional production.

Some features: fast image processing code, OpenGL bindings, can run as a Pure Data plugin, easily linked to other applications using OSC or streams, execute Unix commands from within PF, and it's easily extendible using a simple plugin system.

More information about Packet Forth:

pure:dyne has been created to provide a complete and ready made environment for artists and developers who are looking for a free operating system dedicated to real-time audio and video processing. pure:dyne is a GNU/Linux live distribution based on the new dyne II core. You don't need to install anything, pure:dyne is running from the CD itself. It can directly boot from virtually any PC machine, or Intel Mac, and the optional hard-drive or USB-key installation is just a matter of copying one folder. This particular live cd brings you the latest exotic FLOSS(Free/Libre/Open-Source Software ) such as Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Packet Forth, Fluxus and much much more, including of course Pure Data and a great collection of essential externals and abstractions (PDP, PiDiP, Gem, GridFlow, RRadical, PixelTango ...).
For more information about pure:dyne:

Day 01
* Introduction to the Pure:dyne GNU/Linux distribution
* Introduction to Packet Forth, a programming language for visual artists
* The Stack is your friend
* Defining Words in (Packet)Forth
* Typos, simple 2D graphics and texturing

Day 02
* Console and scripting: interaction and automation
* 3D mode
* animation mode
* Introduction to generative art techniques

Day 03
* Using Open Sound Control (OSC) to link Pure Data and Packet Forth
* Live Interaction between Packet Forth and Pure Data with the PF external * working on your own (audio)visual application, assisted by the workshop leaders

Aymeric Mansoux (FR) is an artist and co-founder of Goto10, an organization dedicated to set up, produce, and support FLOSS+ART. He has taken part in many artistic experiments based on the Internet and the emergence of networks. Any form of data is a new clay that can be used to develop autonomous artistic processes. Currently part of the Digital Research Unit of the University of Huddersfield, his most recent projects include the mysterious packets toolkit (with Tom Schouten and Marloes de Valk), the 0xA band (with Chun Lee), the alife art Metabiosis project (with Marloes de Valk), the pure:dyne GNU/Linux LiveCD(with Chun Lee and Antonios Galanopoulos) and an ongoing theoretical research on the role of authorship in digital autonomous processes.

Tom Schouten (BE) is an independent software developer, artist and member of digital art collective goto10. He has been working with Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) for about a decade, and this has warped his mind to the point of no return. In 2002 he started developing PDP, an image and video processing extension for Pure Data. Later he created Packet Forth, a scripting language for media processing to further explore the interface between artist and computer from a programming language perspective. Currently he is working on PURRR, a forth based interactive programming language for PIC microcontroller chips. He uses the tools he develops to create musical and audiovisual performances that investigate (semi-) generative systems. His main focus here is to maximize actuation without sacrificing coherence.

Marloes de Valk (NL) is an audiovisual artist, part of digital art collective goto10. She studied Sound and Image at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, specializing in abstract compositional computer games, HCI and crashing computers. Her work consists of performances and installations. She builds her own digital instruments in which sound and image are of equal importance, created simultaneously, influencing and distorting each other. Currently she is collaborating with French artist Aymeric Mansoux on Metabiosis, a project investigating the ups and downs of data packets living in a world of connected ecosystems. Marloes is part of the Digital Research Unit at the University of Huddersfield.

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst
Montevideo/Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
T 020 6237101
F 020 6244423

Contact: projekt

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