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[ox-en] Oekonux software project: ProjectRepository


Once in a while there are requests for a project repository in Oekonux
listing Free Projects. Recently we talked about this during

At this meeting there were the idea that a specialized piece of
software would be nice to have for such a repository.

For personal reasons at the moment I'm looking for a small project to
be implemented in JEE 5. Such a project repository software would
match perfect what I'm looking for and I'm willing to write something.
To start this project I created

as the top page for this software project. Under

you'll find a brainstorm for features of such a software. Feel free to
add your ideas.



Please note this message is written on an offline laptop
and send out in the evening of the day it is written. It
does not take any information into account which may have
reached my mailbox since yesterday evening.

Contact: projekt

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