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[ox-en] Call for Papers, Idlelo 3

Current Conferences
Idlelo 3

Dakar, SN

March 16, 2008 – March 20, 2008

The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) will be organising the Idlelo 3 Conference from the 16th till the 18th of March 2008. The venue for the Idlelo 3 Conference is Dakar, Senegal. The theme for the Idlelo 3 Conference is: “Making the Knowledge Economy Work for Africa”. The Idlelo 3 Conference will bring together participants’ representative of governments, businesses and civil society organisations for three days of intense discussions about the state of the knowledge economy in Africa.

It is now well established that the concept a Knowledge Economy was introduced into the business studies literature as a concept by the late management theorist Peter Drucker in the late nineteen sixties. In its initial formulation, the Knowledge Economy focused mainly on the separation between manual and academic work. The diffusion of the concept of a Knowledge Economy is essentially a result of its ability to normatively capture the current conjuncture in the global political economy. Today’s ‘digital age’ is regarded as the successor to early forms and modes of organising production, distribution and consumption. The preceding era has been characterised as one of mass industrialisation, colonialism and hierarchical forms of governance. Science, Technology and Innovation are recognised as critical drivers of this quantitative and qualitative transformation of human society’s production, distribution and consumption system.

The continent of Africa has been a key component in the historical processes of globalisation. The current phase of this process is witness to the acceleration of integrating various localised systems within an international framework. To date, most of the continental experiences with globalisation have been negative, namely: slavery, natural resource plunder, environmental degradation and endemic corruption. Africa, in the new millennium, cannot afford to reproduce the constraints of its past. Pan-African unity is being strengthened through the search for pathways to economic development, social cohesion and good governance that are sustainable, humane and liberatory. There are various continental initiatives currently being advanced which seek to reduce ethnic and nationalistic conflicts, remove the accumulated bureaucratic malaise and oppose externally imposed under-development (sic) agendas.

Africa recognises that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offers significant opportunities to address current demands whilst simultaneously redressing historical legacies and repositioning the continent for a better future. There are concurrently a multitude of initiatives, including e-government, free open source software (FOSS), ICT policy harmonisation and building bandwidth infrastructure, being researched and implemented across Africa.

The Idlelo 3 Conference will look inside the ‘black box’ of ICT and will investigate critical questions with respect to the Knowledge Economy in Africa. Included will be questions of know-whys, know-how’s, know-what’s, know-where and know-when’s. These types of critical questions are considered vital to capacitating a vibrant and forward-looking Africa where the utilisation of knowledge contributes to economic expansion, social integration and democratic governance. It is widely recognised that learning, capacity-development, capability-formation, competence-building and knowledge creation are the important tools in ensuring a sustainable knowledge economy.

The first Idlelo Conference was held in 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa and the second edition was hosted in Nairobi, Kenya. The third Idlelo is expected to attract over 500 participants.

Who should attend?
As previously, the Idlelo 3 conference wants to especially attract participation from:
Government Departments
Development Organisations
E Governance Teams
FOSS Industry Players from the Private Sector
FOSS & Linux User Groups
Local and International Enthusiasts
Ministries, Policy Makers
Software Developers
ICT Experts
Contact: projekt

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