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Re: [ox-en] Jacques Wajnsztejn's new book

El Monday 12 November 2007 12:06:47 Raoul escribió:
Hi Graham,

I cannot say if you would agree with the previous Jacques Wajnsztejn's
book. I don't know enough where are your thoughts at present and the book
says many things at different levels, with a language that is not always
The second title of the book is  "A critical presentation of the group
Krisis". I could agree with some of the crititicism JW makes about Krisis,
but my main divergences are about two of the central ideas of the book:
"the 'evanescence' of value" and "the 'inessencialisation' of  work".

Is there anyone of this JW book translated to english?

Di Biase José Luis
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