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Re: [ox-en] Jacques Wajnsztejn's new book

I may have missed some previous messages but I'm not sure I understand what non-value production means ...

How can one produce something that is non-valuable? negative value such as pollution crime 

Value that is not recognized (domestic production)

Value that is not tradeable (use value) ...

thanks for specifying,


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Subject: Re: [ox-en] Jacques Wajnsztejn's new book

On 2007-11-15 20:49, graham wrote:
IMO we have at most a coexistence of value and non-value based
production.  I wonder if you could create a classification of
contemporary left groups based on their attitude to these two types
of position:

- Non-value based production already dominates (operaisti)
- Non-value based production is largely irrelevant, since it does not
produce value (traditional marxists)
- non-value based production is the potential seed of a new society

Ok with me.

- non-value/value based production coexist as the potential base of
two different modes of production, inside one unstable social
formation (me, I get a division to myself..)

Ok too, not a contradiction to the former one. I prefer to think this 
ambiguous coexistence in "five steps":

- and Krisis, where would they fit?

Krisis focusses on "negative" critiques saying that the value-based 
production is melting down which leads to crisis (nomen est omen...). 
They do not say much about alternatives in a positive way, they only 
say, what must not exist in an emancipatory society: no value, no 
exchange, no market, no state etc. -- I agree with that. However, 
personally I want to go a bit further a think about sources (seeds) of 
a new mode of production and societal mediation.


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