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Re: [ox-en] Terminology: Peer X?

Stefan Merten writes:
I tend to use "peer production" and generally "peer" as an attribute.
What do you think?

I am happy that we are at this point. In fact although Free Software and
Linux was the earliest successful (hope it will continue) case of the new
Free Modes of Production, we cannot derive or "deduct" the forms (in which
material production is based on the total sharing and co-development of
its design components) totally from the software world. So switching to a
more general concept will open our mind and I think Michel currently is
worldwide the person with the best overview and scope of the vague "cloud"
we are studying, at least from what he has published. Rallying around him
and his concept will do oekonux and the likeminded groups a lot of benefit
to reach out to the society at large. Its important to have a clear
distinctive name. What I am looking for is a good German translation
because we dont have the term in its exact meaning.

"Peer" does not imply a personal relation in my understanding and it has
the nice meaning that production cannot constitute dominance. When we were
looking for a name we also thought about "ForumProduction" to point at the
fact that this mode of production is based on the constant sharing and
exchanging of ideas.

I also like the fact that Michel stated that old production forms do not
completely vanish or disappear, but they are "submitted" to the new
dominant paradigm. 


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