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Re: [ox-en] Re: Importance of price

Hi again!

2 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Last week (9 days ago) Stefan Seefeld wrote:
The point I was opposing was a highly simplistic
representation of Free Software as something that is done by people that
are privileged enough to a) have the required education to work on Free
Software and b) have the resources to do so, too (free time, most of

If that is really your question you already gave the answer I'd
actually give: People have to have some preconditions to create Free
Software. But that is true for *every* human activity - be it baking
it a cake, building a car, praying to some god or shooting a person -
where the concrete preconditions are mostly determined by the activiy.
I really don't think Free Software or other sorts of peer production
is in any way special in this regard.

This didn't left my head yet ;-) . If you mix this observation with
Michel's "peer production as a life practice" then it becomes even

Indeed you could argue that this type of economy we can see in peer
production is embedded in the normal life of people. This is very
different from capitalist economy which is disembedded from society
and builds an own sphere.

And BTW: You, StefanS, emphasize that people "need to reproduce".
Certainly. But to *reproduce* in the sense they need to eat humans
need for everything - including standing in the corner and writing
Free Software.



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