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Re: [ox-en] Copyfarleft: Response to Stefan Meretz

On Sun, 6 Jan 2008 20:15:02 -0800 (PST), Michael Bauwens
<michelsub2003> wrote:

Thanks for these very interesting and for me enlightening explanations of
where you come from.

Thanks also to Stefan for initiating the conversation.

I do indeed think that the GPL was a stroke of genius,

Sure, the idea of Copyleft, is indeed a major innovation. It is
the claim than "Stefan Meretz gives us a renewed insight" into it
that I don't get, since there is barely any discussion of Copyleft
as such in his critique.

I also agree that your proposed innovation adds one more weapon in the
arsenal, and usage of it will prove whether it is an important strategy

And I agree that Copyfarleft should not be used in every case, only cases
when control of circulation is advantageous for peer producers. 
In my opinion this is hardly ever the case with sofware, and almost
always the case with movies, music etc.

Do you have any URL to Carson's specific chapter?

The part I quote is here:

I do recommended the whole book though.
Anyway, I appreciate not just the content of your reply, but also its
civil tone, which allows us to see both differences and commonalities,

In my opinion, the differences are dwarfed by the simularities, and even
some of the
differences are a question of differing influences and ways of understaning
the issues,
rather than conflicting goals. We both believe in eliminating exploitation,
and both believe
that the road to that must include finding new ways to produce and share.

It is my belief though that their are certain versions of orthodox marxism
that discourage
worker's self-organization of production as a form of class strugle and
reject engaging in exchange
even as a transitional strategy, and that these are ultimately incompatible
with a movement
to build peer production.


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