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Re: [ox-en] Material peer production is possible!

Concernig Dmitryi, I think that his rent-sharing models will not work.
based on a short moment in history, where additional capital was provided
in the form of debts in expectation of future profits.

No idea what this has to do with rent-sharing. Rent sharing is simply a
means of allocation property, which is already owned. 

Its a
dot-com-bubble dream that is obsolete because there is too much business
for the proceeding of business.

No idea what you are talking about at all here. 

The dot-com bubble was a rush to control internet infrastructure, which had
grown unexpectedly as a cottage industry around a network funded by
military research in parallel to finance-capital-funded and centralised
"online services," such as CompuServ and thus required a massive financial
intervention to bring under control to prevent this p2p cottage industry
from expanding further and put large corporations back in charge.

What does this have to do with rent-sharing and/or venture communism?

 In this respect I share the criticism of
the crisis groups: unless you free production from the contradictions of
value and its descendants (money, capital, rent) you will never get
another result than poverty on one side, accumulation on the other, and a
society falling way behind its potentials.

Money, capital and rent are not in themselves problems, that is pure

Money is simply a form of memory, capital is the technological input to
production, and rent is the value of scarcity, which is a key input to
sensible allocation.

In in order to create new forms of producing and sharing we must understand
the role of memory, technology and scarcity, and just wish away the facts
of objective reality with poorly formed utopian longings.


Dmytri Kleiner
editing text files since 1981

Contact: projekt

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