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Re: Superior results? (was: Re: [ox-en] Free Software and social movements in South America)

Can we imagine the capitalist ruling class saying: We 
recognize that the non proprietary logic gets "superior results"

needs than the capitalist one, so, we abandon our property and

over all the means of production in order to open the way to a

society? That would be great! But we know it won't happen.

What happens is myriad little decisions to appropriate this and that aspect of p2p practice that is advantageous to them, but don't forget to give agency to the peer producers as well

If the germ form would be just some sort of anti-theses I'd totally
agree with you. However, the power of the germ form comes *not* from
any anti but from being on the next step of the spiral of modes of
production. That's essential - though probably hard to grasp for
people so used to think in antis.


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