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Style matters (was: [ox-en] Copyfarleft: Response to Stefan Meretz)

Hi Dmytri!

I now took the time to read most of this thread and a few others of
your posts. As the maintainer of this project and as people start
unsubscribing from the list I feel the need to say a few things about
your style.

First I find it noteworthy that within a couple of weeks after your
subscription you engaged in (at least) two fights with well-known and
respected members of this community here. That is probably the record
for Oekonux. Congratulations for this record - though it is a negative

Then you got a couple of negative responses to your style (from
Gregers, StefanMz, me, and indirectly even from Michel when honoring a
more civil post). To make it very clear: If that doesn't matter to
you, you don't matter to me.

6 days ago Dmytri Kleiner wrote:
On Tue, 15 Jan 2008 09:22:24 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Gregers Petersen <gp.ioa> wrote:
You on the other hand, just 'flame around' and deny that you need to
read and understand the manual,

This is completely delusionalon your part, you are the one who is
trying to talk about rank, qualifications, etc.

No. Gregers is right here. And that is not debatable if you look at
the atmosphere of this community.

I have not been "flaming around," this is yet another attempt of yours to
me, my character and my qualifications the subject instead of addressing
the point.

Not at all. It is a precise description of your behavior.

Making accusations and trying to intimidate people will just get you

Are you talking to yourself? I am not trying to intimidate anyone.

It's hard to believe that you try, but if you really do, **TRY

This is also one of the countless examples where you talk in terms of
you. Did it ever occur to you that you might be wrong on something?
That the other has an opinion worthwhile exploring and considering
instead of the other just being to stupid to understand your point? In
fact I think people here understand your points pretty well. But if
they criticize you then you get angry. Not a useful attitude for

You said that you come from an anarchist tradition and that is
something the two of us share - though for me it is certainly the
past. Anyway: I learned that changing oneself is always a useful
option. May be you can grow a little here.

Another thing which caught my attention is that you often accuse
others of things you are doing all the time. I already pointed one out
and here is another one - even from the same mail:

Last week (9 days ago) Dmytri Kleiner wrote:
"Wrong" is a label, not an argument. If you where able to, you would
demonstrate why this is wrong, you have not, and most likely can not.

Your argument is ludicrous.

So "ludicrous" is probably more of an argument than "wrong"...

I can only say: Practice what you preach!

I find it also a quite destructive way to put labels on people. For
instant "othodox ...". This builds up exactly those straw-men which
you are complaining about.

Dmytri, I don't know what your goals are here. If you are willing to
learn and help others learning then you are welcome by everybody. For
this a decent style is not only useful but of utmost importance. If
you want to troll around here then you better leave and save people
here time and electrons.

And finally: Please stop sending the same posting over and over again.
Either send from the right address in the first place or wait until it
is approved by me. Better yet: Sleep once or twice over a posting
before sending it - and may be just drop or reformulate it after



Contact: projekt

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