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Oekonux and class struggle (was: Re: [ox-en] The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage)

Hi Dmytri!

The post I'm replying to is again one of your bad pieces. Other posts
showed you can do better which I - and probably all here - really
value. Please try to hold your horses before sending a reply. AND
looses nothing if your heat gets out to the public one or two days

Last week (7 days ago) Dmytri Kleiner wrote:
A refusal to engage with the challenges of creating peer production is not
a service to the movement, but a disservice.

May be the challenges people here see are just different from yours.
Who are you that you claim definition power?

That is the fact that oekonux
& co can not face and why they must brand all critical voices as being
unhelpful, rude, etc,

Your postings show that you know the difference between rude and
friendly very well.

and surround themselves in a fog of insulating
fallacies that allow false beliefs to be retained dispute clear and
repeated refutation.

May be it's better that each one of us keeps there own fallacies and
you stop whining about the stupid ignorance of the people here?

It is becoming more and more clear to me that oekonux is about wide-eyed
and vague boosterism and delusion

So you should probably better leave before you get infected...

and not a genuine engagement with the
facts of class struggle

Well, Oekonux has nothing to do with class struggle in any meaning I
know of. If that is fundamental to you you'd better leave. And I think
it's at best a waste of time to harass peer production with your
outdated concepts.

and the real-world challenges of building a
commons-based movement within the context of a violent rentier society.

This is quite unfortunate.

No. It's *the* chance for a real change.

Class struggle is deeply entangled and intertwined with capitalism.
Your point that the workers should make profit and not some big
capital shows this perfectly: You are absolutely thinking in the terms
of the capitalist system and you just want to make things more just -
whereby justice comes from your definition. On exactly that base class
struggle has been fought for 200 years - and failed. If there were any
questions about this they have been answered in 1989. I can not see
what has changed today that this outdated concept now suddenly should
become more successful.

And IMHO this is for a reason: You can not fight a mode of production
with a slightly modified version of it. This is what happened in "real
socialism" and failed. You need a completely new mode of production
which in many respects operates *beyond* the old terms - as a
synthesis rather than the anti-thesis of class struggle.



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