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Re: [ox-en] The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage

On 2008-02-18 23:09, Matteo Pasquinelli wrote:
you are dangerous and alienated people.

Why? Could you explain?

i unsubscribe immediately.


is this your idea of "cooperation" and "collective intelligence"?

Stefan seriously and carefully explained his position. And the first 
point he made (and what you cite) is, that he is not attacking your 
person, but he is objecting to your position. And doing this in an open 
and careful manner is the best form of cooperation and collective 
intelligence we can have.

Well, first I want to emphasize that I accused nobody being an
antisemite. All I related to were some or Matteo's arguments. To me
arguments people make are not to be confused with the people who
make them. Arguments and opinions can change in a second. With
people this is usually somewhat harder ;-) . I did not even label
these arguments as plain antisemitic but having a antisemitic
structure. To me this also makes a difference. For reference I kept
the passages where I talked of the antisemitic structure below.


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