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[ox-en] Re: Keele University

Hi Phoebe,

one way to approach this would be to integrate into your arguments
some of the critiques of the MBA system, which have proven to make
students more unethical ...

however, I think that apart from merely defending the status quo, you
could come up with your own proposal such as a curriculum that ties
iin with the various 'social MBA' movements (but you don't have to
call it an MBA, that would be conceding to the business school

perhaps tying up with the two platforms for heterodox/non-autistic
economists, would give your struggle an added international support,

thanks for making a stand,


On Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 7:20 AM, Phoebe Moore <P.Moore> wrote:
comrades,,2269756,00.html <,,2269756,00.html>

 i was in keele all day with the UCU Left (which i'm a member of). there were about 500 people from all over the country there which was great..

 the issue is as you'll see from the link above is that keele university plans to turn its economic and management studies, which includes courses on industrial relations (old school IR), into a business school department rather than allow it to remain within the remit of the faculty of humanities and social sciences. as is stands, this is the only IR subject group that's NOT in a management school left in the country...

 keele management are also planning to lay off 35 lecturers.

 so their council met today to discuss this, and so we marched all round the campus with whistles and placards, and then there were a few speakers in this auditorium from different unions, as well as a lecturer in the IR dept there. it was a really good rally. i am hoping it helps because it has implications for the entire university system and the recent onslaught of managerial decisionmaking that has no place in the public sector.


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