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[ox-en] Changes for this list and possible list for romance languages

Hi list!

On [pox] the topic of how to handle different languages in Oekonux
came up - once more. You can find the current suggestion as it is
decided for now on

What does this mean for this list?

* Change of mail address

  The new address will be

	discussion AT

  In fact this is a measure to reduce the spam masses which eats up
  our ressources (about 1000 spam mails per day to all the different
  Oekonux addresses). If you bring this address into the Web
  somewhere, then please in a way in which it can not be harvested by
  spammers - for instance as written above. But it is better to not
  bring it to the Web and instead link to the homepage of the list (at
  the moment

* Tag changes

  The tag of this list changes from [ox-en] to [ox].

There is also a change in the meaning of the list.

* General Oekonux discussion list

  We want to make the Oekonux discussion as accessible as possible.
  Therefore any general discussion shall take place on this list here
  in simple English. For those whose mother tongue is English this
  means to be tolerant when reading and when writing to use only
  simple English.

  The change of the list tag is meant as an expression of this change.

Also the language specific list(s) change their meaning.

* Language specific list(s) for language and locale specific topics

  For topics which pertain to a certain locale / language there can be
  specialized lists. We are currently reconfiguring [ox-de] this way.
  More general postings should be in simple English and on this list.

  In general any posting to any Oekonux list should be on-topic. For
  general off-topic postings there is

	chat AT

  Each language list needs a maintainer whose main task is to care for
  on-topicness. For [ox-de] StefanMz declared to be ready for this

  We decided to cluster languages which are similar enough to each
  other to be comprehensible for all speakers of that language family.
  In particular this applies to the Romance languages.

* Prevention of dead spaces

  Moreover we want to prevent the creation dead spaces. Dead spaces at
  best result in nothing, at worst call for trouble and in any case
  give a bad impression. Therefore

  * we want to make sure that there is initial interest

    Should we create new communication spaces we will ask for such an
    initial interest and will create the respective space only if
    there is enough such interest.

  * we close down spaces which are not active

    As a deadline for this we generally set a period of half a year.

* Special language list for Romance languages?

  Based on a recent suggestion we are considering whether to create a
  discussion list for the Romance languages. However, as stated above
  we need a maintainer for this. So the first question is:

  * Anyone ready to be a list maintainer for a Romance list?

  Then we want to check whether there is enough interest for an
  Oekonux list designed to discuss issues specific for the Romance
  languages and the countries where such languages are spoken. So the
  second question is:

  * Who on this list is interested in such a list?

    For this please respond shortly to this mail that you are
    interested in [ox-rom] as described. Please also indicate what you
    are ready to do actively on such a list.

  Please note that the result of the second question is void unless
  the first can is answered positively.

What you need to do? Well, unless you are interested in [ox-rom] you
need to do nothing. If you have the address of this list in an address
book then you need to change that entry after the list address
changed. I'll keep the `List-Id` header so respective rules in your
mailers should continue to function. However, please note that the
subject tag will change.

When will this happen? Well, technically I'll have to adapt a few
things. I can not say when I'll do that but I'll try to do it soon.
I'll keep you informed. The other things - simple English and the
questions around a possible [ox-rom] - are in effect immediately.



Contact: projekt

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