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Re: [ox-en] Re: Role of markets

Paul Cockshott wrote:
I see my table did not reproduce well
A uses B A can A can A can
         sell B   buy B inherit B examples
0 no     no       no    no (slave, American law)
1 yes    no       no    no (collective farm and land)
2 no     yes      no    no (hired worker and labour)
3 yes    yes      no    no
4 no     no       yes   no
5 yes    no       yes   no (consumer and electricity)
6 no     yes      yes   no (commodity trader and
7 yes    yes      yes   no (capitalist firm/factory)
8 no     no       no    yes
9 yes    no       no    yes (traditional peasant and land)
10 no    yes      no    yes
11 yes   yes      no    yes
12 no    no       yes   yes
13 yes   no       yes   yes
14 no    yes      yes   yes
15 yes   yes      yes   yes (full bourgeois right)

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Thread: oxenT04436 Message: 35/94 L16 [In index]
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