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Re: [ox-en] Robinsonades (was: Re: Role of markets)

This is also a good piece. The funny thing is that capitalism practically
"resolves" the "reduction problem" and the "transformation problem" while
theorists ask "how can that be"?

"Its use (composite labour power as proposed by Hilferding) does not
?solve? the reduction problem. The blend of skills in each industry is
unlikely to coincide with that of the standard composite, and some sort of
reduction process ? from non-standard to standard composites ? is still
needed. But since industries and, more particularly, the large capitals
that straddle them share a narrower range of composites than the range of
individual skills within them; and since the range of composites narrows
as the composition of capitals becomes increasingly uniform (as will be
shown in Section 4 below), the problem is reduced in importance and tends
to disappear in practice. At the same time the measure of value is shifted
from the individual to the collective plane where it obviously now

Michael Kidron,


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Thread: oxenT04436 Message: 69/94 L19 [In index]
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