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[ox-en] Re: Physical and other contemporary limits to peer production

Hi Patrick and all!

One more thought.

2 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
2 months (77 days) ago Patrick Anderson wrote:
My approach can happen right now with the most ancient of technologies.

I don't know whether you shared your approach already but ancient
technologies will brings us nowhere. Well, they will bring us backward
into history.

There were many projects during the history of capitalism which went
back to ancient technologies. One example which comes to mind are
called Landkommune in German. I think in the US this is resembled by
those hippie communities which moved to the countryside.

I think every approach which repeats important parts of these attempts
- like using ancient technology and self-subsistence - needs to
carefully research why these earlier approaches failed.

We once had a thread about these topics. Try

to jump right into the thread view or

as a more permanent link.



PS: I'll try to not sign my posts for the moment to stop these
    somewhat annoying PGP signatures in plain text. Please forgive me
    if I forget about it because this is part of my muscle memory when
    sending a mail.
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