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[ox-en] Contributions vs. money (was: Re: Project anarchism approaches)

Hi Stefan,

Stefan Merten wrote:
In Christian's book contributions are just a sort of payment.
Otherwise I'd need nobody who accept them. I see absolutely no need in
making things more complicated without changing them really when
simple money will do as a contribution.

it's an error to think that any coupling between giving and getting in a
contribution-based system could be replaced by money. For example, try to
redesing modern filesharing networks such as BitTorrent (which couple
uploading and downloading though some kind of "tit-for-tat" mechanism) by
using money as a measurement unit instead of the "natural" unit of such
contributions (bytes transferred). I challenge you to show that such a
money-based filesharing system (where people get money for uploading bytes
and spent money for downloading them) would still work in the same way as
the current ones; if you can't, please stop repeating the wrong suggestion
that contribution measurement is identical to exchange.

Charles writes about *a* highly specialized, technological society.
But there is no natural law that in such a society anybody *needs to
perform exchange*. It is logical that there needs to be a flow of
goods - but there are lots of ways to organize this flow.

I fully agree with you here. Organizing this flow of goods without exchange
is exactly what my peerconomy model is all about :-)

Best regards

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