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Re: [ox-en] Re: "At Cost"

list-en writes:

We must co-exist with the Capitalists for a very long time.  My
proposal of treating profit as an investment from the consumer who
paid it creates a kind of economic 'border' between we the consumers
and the current Capitalists.  Think of it as a cell-wall for the germ

And my feeling is exactly the opposite.

by affirming the need of goods to be considered as value that must be
realized and repay for investment you have successfully deleted the wall.

I do not want to re-iterate this discussion, but should you not learn from
the history of cooperatives? 

Are you saying a small factory or farm owned by a group of consumers
would create the same dynamic as when that ownership is concentrated
at a national level?

they are in competition, man, and that is why this dynamic is created!

unless you give the whole arrangement an entirely different form, you
really build cell walls for the germ form, you cant do anything.

but then you must do away with the convertibility and demonetise.


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Thread: oxenT04596 Message: 28/93 L16 [In index]
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