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[ox-en] 4th Oekonux Conference - Second Call for Contributions

Dear Oekonux participants!

Please find included the second Call for Contributions for the 4th
Oekonux Conference in Manchester (UK) on 27-29 March 2009. Please
distribute it as wide as possible. Please note that this time our
conference planning system is used for submissions.



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			Call for Contributions

				to the

			4th Oekonux Conference

			in collaboration with

			    P2P Foundation

                Please distribute this text as wide as possible.

   During the past decade the phenomenon of Free Software has become
   successful and well-known. It is still amazing how in the realm of
   software the creativity of so many volunteers leads to products which are
   useful for the whole mankind. In 1999 the [1]Oekonux Project started with
   analyzing this phenomenon and trying to understand the special features of
   Free Software as a social and political enterprise.

   Today, beyond the Free Software world, projects based on a similar
   approach of peer production are rapidly emerging, including Wikipedia and
   many more. It is time to look at peer production from a broader

   This is the goal of the [2]4th Oekonux conference which is done in
   collaboration with the [3]P2P Foundation. Under the title

		       Free Software and Beyond

		     The World of Peer Production

   we are planning a conference where

     * researchers and activists meet
     * intensive discussions are possible
     * experiences can be shared and learned.

   We are calling for contributions about the big world of peer production.
   Possible themes include (but not limited to):

     * Reports from peer production projects such as

          * Wikipedia
          * Blogosphere
          * Design communities
          * OpenAccess movement
          * Open Music
          * Free Culture
          * Sharing platforms like Flickr and YouTube
          * Free Software

     * Peer production and capitalism

          * Theoretical approaches on their relationship
          * Peer production and commercial interests
          * Peer production and the state
          * Peer production and political approaches of the past

     * Peer governance

          * Theoretical approaches to governance in peer production
          * Peer ownership
          * Maintainership and conflict resolution

     * Material peer production

          * Existing projects
          * Theoretical approaches

   If you want to

     * give a talk
     * prepare a workshop
     * moderate a round table discussion

   please use our conference planning system at


   to create an account and submit a short outline of your idea (~300 words)
   together with a short biography. If you want to add some other kind of
   contribution or have other questions please don't hesitate to contact us
   by e-mail at [5]projekt

   About Project Oekonux
           In Project Oekonux different people with different opinions and
           different methods study the economic and political forms of Free
           Software and other peer production phenomenons. An important
           question is, whether the principles of peer production may be the
           foundation of a new economy which may be the base for a new

   About P2P Foundation
           The Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives researches, documents
           and promotes P2P practices in every domain of social life. It's a
           global cyber-collective and aims to be a knowledge and
           internetworking platform for open/free, participatory, and
           commons-oriented initiatives on a global scale.

   Important information

              * Deadline for applications: 31 October 2008
              * Final decision on acceptance: 15 December 2008
              * Deadline for submission of papers / slide-sets: 13 March 2009
              * Conference date: 27-29 March 2009
              * Conference location: Manchester, UK
              * Contact address: [6]projekt
              * Conference language: English
              * Conference planning system:
              * Previous conference: [8]3rd Oekonux conference
              * More information on the [9]conference website


   Visible links
   5. projekt AT
   6. projekt AT
Contact: projekt

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