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Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing like "peer money"

list-en writes:
I think it is really useful to distinguish between capitalism and markets.

Thats a bit difficult because in a way the "inherent dynamics of markets"
lead to what Braudel has called the "anti-market".
Antimarkets operate on and within markets, and its hard to discriminate on

Capitalism, as infinite growth system, will need to be constrained
substantially from the very beginning, as a survival strategy for the
biosphere. But markets, as a legitimate desire by people to trade their
production in a open way, will have to be respected, in a 'pluralist
economy', for an indefinite time period ... If it dies out because people
feel other methods are better, that would be up to them ...

So we might speculate on: what would happen if a superior mode of
production "degrades" the markets to an add-on

In that sense, cooperative production may operate either on such an open
market, freely exchanging goods without coercion, or they may find it more
suitable to practice 'resource-based economics' or any other scheme that
society will invent.

The schemes will create some relations, they will not stand independently. 

just 0,2 cents here


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