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[ox-en] Where is a Common Linux?

Today I want to break out of our visionary discussions to ask a question
very rooted in todays realities.

I see the christmas computer market boasting with new processors,
multimedia capabilities and so on - and of course still Windows Vista

I wonder why. From recent experiences I have suspected that there is a
"silent proprietory conspiracy". Not an intentional, but a structural
conspiracy. Many drivers of peripheral devices etc, seem to be built on
code that might be subject to intellectual property contention. As long as
you keep the source code closed, there is an inherent protection against
such discoveries of whatever you might have "borrowed".

That is for me the only explanation why all this stuff still runs on Vista.

I wonder why the Linux industry is not strong enough to support the
developers of all these useful things with the base to shift their stuff
to Linux. Maybe we need a "common linux" initiative to strengthen the
market position also on the consumer market....

I wonder how real insiders see this.


Contact: projekt

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