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[ox-en] Fwd: Libre Software Meeting 2009 - Appel a Presentation/Call for Presentation

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From: Valerie Dagrain <vdagrain>
Date: 2008/12/27
Subject: [rmll-Communautes] Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre/The Libre
Software Meeting 2009 - Appel a Presentation/Call for Presentation
To: inconnus <destinataires>

--------------------CALL FOR PRESENTATION---------------------------

The Libre Software Meeting, Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre is an
event of the Free Software Community in France. It happens since year
2000. Website:

This year, the tenth meeting is organised from the 7th to the 11th July
2009 in Nantes (France). Localisation:

Call For Presentation - Community Theme

- The Community Theme proposes to explore how social structures that
make up what's usually called "Free Software Community" work together.
- You'll learn about the different free software entities, like local or
nationwide associations, sector-based or not, aimed at users, promotion
or developers, technical or not, virtual or not, for professionals or
volunteers, etc.
- You'll know from different points of view how community members
interact, on the practical, technical, social, legal, financial or
communcation aspects.
- The theme also presents local, national and international actions (how
to act at what level), the relationships with the rest of the world
(public at large, institutions, press, enterprises, associations and
NGO, etc.).

This year, we'll focus on the following questions :

* how can free software and collaborative behaviour help a member of the
associative, community and NGO area to reach its target ?

* how can these tools and their use enhance the diversity of
participants ? What are the organisation forms and levers that can
favour creation and knowledge transfer ?

* what can the free software platforms bring to the associations for
themselves and for their interconnection to others ?

* what are the support and success factors necessary for a collective
intelligence to emerge ?

* how to cultivate wealth in a cooperative project ? Details for speakers


- Language : English is the expected language for the lectures of the
topic though (if nobody objects in the audience) some talks might be in
French with at least the slides in English.

- Format : Talks are expected to last 20 minutes. PDF version of the
lecture are not mandatory but would be very appreciated (archived online
after the event, they are a very appreciated resource for the community
as a whole).

- Submit : If you are considering coming and submitting a talk, please
send us as soon as possible an email at the following address :
communautes with an English summary of your talk (and a French
one if you can, but if not, we will translate the English one). Feel
free to send this announcement wherever or to whom you feel it is
relevant (but beware of spamming people).

- Organize your travel : We have very limited funding for the travels
(only for speakers that cannot be refunded by the institution they
belong to) but there are no registration fees for the conference and
very low cost housing is organised on the site.

- Contact us : The RMLL 2009 team of volunteers organising the
"Community Theme" topic : Valérie Dagrain and Benoit Sibaud.


Valérie Dagrain - Benoit Sibaud
Coordination - Thème Communauté/Community Theme
Rencontres Mondiales Logiciel Libre 2009
The Libre Software Meeting 2009
Mail: communautes

Communautes mailing list

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Contact: projekt

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