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Re: [ox-en] Re: The Future of Un-Money // was "Re: There IS such a thing as peer money"

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Hi Paul,

I'm assuming you're familiar with as proposed by the technocracy
movement, which cites your work by the way ...


On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 3:54 AM, Paul Cockshott <wpc> wrote:

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 > *P2P Thermoeconomics *(Theory)

Given that human and machine processes and the
infrastructure for both require energy to continue functioning and given
that this energy cannot be made from nothing or destroyed (i.e,
then, in order for human and machine processes and the
communiction/transportation infrastructure for both to continue
energy must flow, as potential energy, e.g. tokens (money) or as electric
current or fuel, between the energy sources, the humans, the machines and
the infrastructure:

There is a category error here. Money is not energy and one must not
the role of real energy fluxes with monetary flows. A society needs energy
whether it has monetary relations or not.

Money is a technology of record, or rather a historical sequence of
of record that support an information structure -- one that, using the
principle that the present is the key to the past, we can now understand as
a relational database system.

The grammar/signature/laws of motion governing this formal system of
records do however retain formal similarities with the laws of conservation
of energy
and it is for this reason that Yakovenko argues that we can apply
Boltzmanns analysis
of energy spectra in gases to the distribution of monetary wealth in a
simple commodity
producing society.

But this is a formal similarity only. Money and energy are distinct they
only follow similar
laws. But one can not be substituted for another.

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