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[ox-en] Fwd: collective intelligence, call for papers!

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From: <paola.dimaio>
Date: Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 9:19 AM
Subject: Fwd: collective intelligence, call for papers!
To: woict <WOICT>

Greetings folks, please share your work in this area with us
cheers, PDM


     Web Based Human Collective Intelligence
Chair: Paola Di Maio,  *Web based communication is creating unprecedented
opportunities for large scale knowledge aggregation, and new challenges for
technologists and social scientists who are working to develop
organisational systems and infrastructures.  The proliferation of easily
accessible and intuitive web based social software tools and environments is
enabling multitudes of people to connect, communicate and exchange
information and knowledge in near real time, thus exploding the potential
for 'collective intelligence 'to take place.  While a universally accepted
model and definition of 'Collective intelligence', has not yet emerged,
examples of web based collective intelligence,  can be found in different
disciplines (from learning to economic development to governance), Although
a few authoritative initiatives have been started in this direction, such as
The Centre for Collective Intelligence at MIT, (, books
and blogs are being written, CI still remains  undefined and elusive,  it is
exposed to scepticism.

This track aims to promote a sound interdisciplinary framework for the field
of CI, harnessing from different areas of research, grounded in the
respective scientific theories, and capable of encompassing different
perspectives: socio-political, technical, scientific.  We encourage inter-
and multi- disciplinary approaches that cover more than one aspect of CI and
encourage original and quality contributions as follows:

-    Domain definition of collective intelligence (what is CI?)
-    Evolution of CI - practices, case studies, work examples
-    Tools and techniques to support CI (programming and designing of
-    Social and behavioural dynamics related to CI, within the context of IT
-    Impact of CI on advancement of interdisciplinary
-    Impact of CI on other disciplines
-    Impact of CI on all other human activities
-    CI Projects and results
-    CI risks and aberrations (cyber-mobbing, wisdom of the crowds
transforming into mobs)
-    Theories and Scientific Methods pertaining CI
-    Knowledge aggregation
-    Expertise finding

Paola Di Maio

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