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[ox-en] Combining London and Manchester

Dear all,

I totally share the regret of Jonathan and others that we could not
associate Communia, OKFN, worknets and P2P/Oekonux and what else might
have been attracted in one place, since the cross-connects between our
subcultures are at least as important as the functioning of each of them.
I also regret that there must have been miscommunication on the size and
goals of the conference, and I understand Stefan that he holds a certain
vision of size and scope that he invites us in. Rarely a person is willing
to take full responsibility from the beginning, to make such an endavour
happen. We could judge from the outside if the size and scope are
necessary, there are pros and cons, but I know its hard to change plans
when you have set people in motion. Sometimes I ask myself: when is the
time when and the place where we are going to learn from all this?


Just because I have the chance and more to be active on both locations I
wonder if anybody would come up with a creative solution that would allow
us to lets say fly into London, stay some time there, make our contacts,
switch locatons on the 27th as travel day and go up to Manchester. That
would decisevely influence my travel schedule and therefore I ask if there
is a possibility (going from London to Manchester together by car or as

I do not want to spam the lists, but I will take the results here: you can
easily comment on that page - please do it now:

or if you dont want to,  send me a personal mail.


Contact: projekt

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