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[ox-en] [Communia-newsletter] Newsletter: February 22, 2009

Communia - The European Thematic Network on the Digital Public Domain

Here below please find some selected news related to latest and 
upcoming Communia activities and events:

** 5th Communia Workshop (London, 26-27/03/09) **

Co-organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation and London School of 
Economics, the event will focus on how we can unlock the huge 
potential of public sector material. It will also examine the current 
obstacles to doing this -- legal, technological and social -- as well 
as how they can be overcome. In particular, much of the value of 
public sector material can only be realized if it is reused and 
interlinked -- both activities that are currently difficult for a 
variety of legal and technological reasons.

The Workshop will take place on Thursday & Friday 26-27th March 2009 
at the New Academic Building, London School of Economics, London, UK. 
Attendance is free, but you must register in advance.

For more information(including registration form, program, etc.):

** Second COMMUNIA International Conference 2009 (Torino, 29-30/06/09) **

The event will address the conceptual foundations and practical 
feasibilities of contractually constructed "commons" and related 
bottom-up public domain initiatives (joint policy guidelines, common 
standards, institutional policies, etc.) capable of offering shared 
access to a variety of research resources, identifying effective 
models and salient needs and opportunities for effective initiatives 
across a diverse range of research areas.

The Call For Paper is currently open: contributions are encouraged 
from both junior and senior scholars. Deadline for submission of full 
paper or extended abstract (minimum 3 pages) is Sunday 1 March 2009.

More information:

** Report on the 4th Communia Workshop (Zurich, 23/01/09 **

Held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the workshop 
focused first on the 1st year review of the Communia project by the 
EU Commission - underlying its several achievements and addressing 
the need of providing specific policy outputs among its future 
developments. Also the five Working Groups discussed in both plenary 
and parallel sessions how to develop and coordinate their agendas, 
projects and initiatives. Then Paul Gerhardt presented in his talk, 
"Broadcast Archives and the Digital Public Domain": the case study of 
the BBC Creative Archive, the controversies surrounding its 
development, and its future steps. The Workshop ended with two short 
introduction for two upcoming events: the London Workshop and the 
Second International Conference (Torino, June 28-30).

More information:

** Updated news and other information on a variety issues related to 
the digital public domain are always available on our Website:

Please feel free to forward this newsletter wherever appropriate.


For any inquiries or information: <press>



Communia - The European Thematic Network on the Digital Public Domain

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