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Re: [ox-en] There is no such thing as "equal exchange" - respect instead of money

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Your approach to consider respect as relative is certainly interesting.

But perhaps you can clarify: what would you use it 'for'?

What could I do with those respect points I cannot do with informal

First: It's not respect "points" because points always have something to do
with "value". my concept has not.

Informal respect is useless when you deal with people you don't know. With
cryptographically signed certificates of respect you can analyze the web of
respect that someone else has and check if it is compliant to your personal
standard of respect. e.g. you see that that peron is respected by lots of
people for doing stuff you'd like to encourage.



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Thread: oxenT05287 Message: 5/15 L4 [In index]
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