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[ox-en] Journal initiative takes off!

Hi list!

As you may remember one of the initiatives / ideas after [ox4] was to
have a journal. I'm very happy to announce that this initiative now
takes off!

Mathieu O'Neil, who spoke at [ox4] and posted a couple of times here,
said that he is ready to care about the journal. People on [pox] and I
trust in his ability to bring this important initiative about and so I
appointed him as the maintainer for the journal. Congratulations,
Mathieu :-) !

Since there is some organizational work for such a journal which is
separate from other organizational work done on [pox] I created a new
mailing list for that purpose:


It is a standard mailing list like other Oekonux mailing lists. If you
are interested in supporting the journal somehow then you should
subscribe by sending an e-mail containing the word




I also added a new folder to the website which at the moment holds the
mailing list archive:

Since the website is generally relaunched soon this is more a
provisional solution.


Contact: projekt

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