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Re: [ox-en] Gift economies - again

David Collins <david>  schreibt:

n the interest of openness, I'm involved in something like this myself,
which you can read about at : . People are very
welcome to use the forum there if they wish, but I'm not implying that
that is the ideal venue either. It's also only in the early stages of
development (and might be undergoing changes, etc.).

Anyway, I would be interested in people's thoughts / suggestions.


I have read your suggestions with interest.

Many of us are hoping for a contextual mode of production that makes it
absolutely obsolete to do things like exchange - simply because the design
of the socio-physical production space resembles more an intensive
circulation of matter and energy than the retaining of goods (commodity in
German means something that you retain). I prefer the term "flow economy"
to this. Nevertheless I had a great conversation with Genevieve Vaughan on
gift economy.

I would like to invite you to participate in the globalvillages community
- to help us design and foster the abundance side of things in conceivable

all the best


Contact: projekt

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