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Re: [ox-en] A name for a peer-production-based society?

Hi raoul, Hi list,

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 03:49:53PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], raoulv a écrit :

Peer production is a nice
term and we were right to adopt it. However I think it has two small

- the meaning of the term
is hardly understandable for people not used to the reality of "peer"
relations and the term "production" doesn't say much by
itself; fortunately the understanding of "peer" will
inevitably develop as the "peer" practices expand.

- it is not always easy to
translate. For example, in the French Wikipedia it is translated by
"travail collaboratif", that is "collaborative work".
Collaborative is really vague and work is wrong since producing for
pleasure is not work. When I write in French I
prefer to use the English term itself.

Personnally, in French, I use "Production entre pairs", that is
"Production realized between equal/similar (at the same level) people".

However, I agree : "peer" is not easily understandable.


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