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[ox-en] Finding corresponding threads


Recently I posted a couple of mails replying to quite old threads.
Someone asked me about how to locate the respective thread. Since this
may be interesting for more readers I'll give a short recipe here.

1. Wait until post is in web archive

   All mails to this list are archived on the web under

   At the moment the respective web pages are uploaded during the
   weekend. So they should be available on Saturday.

2. Find the new post for the old thread in the archive

   The easiest way to do this is to go to

   This is an index of the sent mails in reverse chronological order.
   I.e. the latest mails are at the top. It should be easy to locate
   the new mail.

3. Open the mail

   Just click on the respective entry in the index and the archived
   mail will open.

4. Now there are several options. All options use the table at the top
   of the archived mail. In the top left corner of this table you see
   the number of the archived mail.

   a) Use direct navigation

      By the links "[{First,Last,Next,Prev} in Thread]" you may go to
      the respective mail in the thread.

      This way you can walk through the whole thread step by step.

   b) Find the mail in the thread index

      A second option is to use the link "[In index]". This brings you
      to a link page where each entry is listed by its number.

      For each entry there are two links "Date" and "Thread". Use the
      "Thread" link. This jumps you to the thread index which lists
      the mails by threads. In this view you have a good overview over
      a thread and you can jump around as you like.

This recipe is for the old website. We are working on a new website
but I hope a similar mechanism will be available there as well.

I'd also like to use this mail to emphasize how useful it is to create
*replies* when replying to a thread and *not to reply* when you want
to start a new thread. When you reply your mailer adds information so
the archiver knows to which mail this is a reply. This is used for
threaded views. This breaks if you write a new mail where you should
reply or reply where you should start a new thread. This mechanism is
not only used by the web archiver but also by mailers so it is always
a good idea to use it.


Contact: projekt

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