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[ox-en] special issue - P2P energy production and distribution

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Re-public has just published the special issue titled *"*P2P energy
production and distribution <>*"*. The special
issue attempts to set the context for discussions and experimentations on
alternative modes of energy production and distribution. Contributors

Michel Bauwens – Setting the broader context for P2P infrastructures: The
long waves and the new social contract <>

Walt Patterson – Infrastructure keeps the lights on

Eric Hunting – On the prospects and strategy of peer-to-peer energy

Hermann Scheer – Towards a new energy revolution

George Papanikolaou – Peer to Peer energy production and the social
conflicts in the era of “green development”<>

Stelios Stavroulakis – The urgency of peer-to-peer communities for a smooth
transition to renewables <>

Vijay Vaitheeswaran – Micropower and the coming energy revolution

Michalis Psalidas – Emerging tendencies in the production, distribution and
use of electrical power <>

Andrianos Tesas – The electricity market, p2p energy and smart grids in
Greece <>

José Morales Barroso – P2P energy and the information grid

All articles of Re-public are published with a Creative Commons BY-SA
license <> and can be
re-produced freely, by acknowledging their source.

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Contact: projekt

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