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Re: [ox-en] Fwd: Chaos Computer Club SIGINT 2010 Call for Participation

Hi list!

Last week (9 days ago) Stefan Meretz wrote:
Attached you will find the SIGINT 2010 Call for Participation [5] which 
outlines what SIGINT 2010 will be about and what to do if you want to 
for a lecture to be included in the program. Please note our official 
deadline is March 26, 2010, 23:59 CET. There are only three weeks left!

I wonder whether they do this on purpose to have a special selection
or whether they are just so disorganized...

The world of atoms and the world of bits operate on completely different 
levels. Where they come together (and that happens more often lately), 
there are tensions in society, opportunity and chaos that must be 

The importance of intangible things is growing while reducing production 
costs. Traditional markets expand in the virtual space, the music 
industry makes its money off ringtones and ideas materialize in physical 
form out of the 3D printer while popular modern sociological concepts 
such as the working class are completely exported to China. Identities 
are constructed in social networks regardless of nationality or gender, 
and yet there is still the world of things and the Internet printouts as 
contemporary counterparts. It is precisely this loss of barriers which 
on one hand breeds the total surveillance state and on the other allows 
the individuals offering hitherto unknown possibilities of development, 
to the horizon and much more.

Though these very topics are not part of their wish list I'm thinking
about preparing a quick talk describing the *connection* between the
world of atoms and bits - i.e. the difference is that for bits
meanwhile we have means of productions which are so ubiquitous we even
don't recognize them as such. However, I have no idea whether I'm able
to meet the deadline...



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