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Re: [ox-en] selbstentfaltung revisited

On 2010-06-12 22:58, Graham Seaman wrote:
Thanks Stefan, that was an extremely helpful mail.

It's a shame there is so little Holzkamp available in English.

Indeed :-(

There are some other english texts. Charles W. Tolman, a Canadian 
Professor, has written a really good introduction:

Tolman, C.W. (1994). Psychology, Society, and Subjectivity: An 
Introduction to German Critical Psychology. London: Routledge.

Hey, cool, just found the entire book online here:

This is a collection of papers from diverse authors of German Critical 

Tolman, C.W., & Maiers, W. (Eds.). (1991). Critical Psychology: Toward 
an Historical Science of the Subject. New York: Cambridge University 

And I know that an anthology of Holzkamp writings is going to be 
prepared for publication in english (but don't know if it will be 
released this year).


Start here:
Contact: projekt

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