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Re: [ox-en] WikiLeaks and peer production?

On 2011-02-07 17:57, Stefan Merten wrote:
I wonder whether it is possible to draw a connection between
WikiLeaks and peer production as we understand it here.

At first glance there seems to be hardly a connection. But may be
some of you have other ideas?

In my view *Leaks _is_ peer-production: They produce transparency of 
governmental or private secrets, they act in peer mode, they are fed by 
contributions and not by exchange, selbstentfaltung (self-directed 
passion) is the individual driver.

One might say that *Leaks is only operating in reaction to the old 
system, however, from a more general point of view *Leaks is offering an 
information distribution infrastructure which may play a role in a free 
society too.


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