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Re: [ox-en] Translation project available

Hi Graham!

5 days ago graham wrote:
Yeah, language *is* a problem - and will stay so for quite a while I
guess. However, at least for the Western countries English may qualify
as the Lingua Franca. And given the crude English of many persons, I
don't envy you ;-) .
mmm... however the assumption of many English speakers that English
will always be understood and used (and SHOULD be understood and
used) by everyone else is also a problem. But I have no idea
of the solution.

Yes, I remember a guy from California I met a few months ago here in
Germany, who wanted to practice his German - which next to never
worked since people always started to practice their English as soon
as they recognized him as an English speaker. Tough luck...

However, there is an even bigger problem about different cultures
which often enough make communication difficult - since the do's and
dont's are so different sometimes, and this is by far less visible
than not grasping the meaning of a word... I have been part of an
international anarchist project (a-infos) for about two years - I know
what I'm talking about ;-) ...
Having known other anarchists, I suspect this problem arises
even with 2 anarchists of the same nationality ;-)

And sometimes even in a single anarchist ;-) .

						Mit li(e)bertären Grüßen



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