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Re: [ox-en] Translation project available

Yeah, language *is* a problem - and will stay so for quite a while I
guess. However, at least for the Western countries English may qualify
as the Lingua Franca. And given the crude English of many persons, I
don't envy you ;-) .
mmm... however the assumption of many English speakers that English
will always be understood and used (and SHOULD be understood and
used) by everyone else is also a problem. But I have no idea
of the solution.

However, there is an even bigger problem about different cultures
which often enough make communication difficult - since the do's and
dont's are so different sometimes, and this is by far less visible
than not grasping the meaning of a word... I have been part of an
international anarchist project (a-infos) for about two years - I know
what I'm talking about ;-) ...
Having known other anarchists, I suspect this problem arises
even with 2 anarchists of the same nationality ;-)


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