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[ox-en] Re: press release critique

MJ Ray <markj> writes:

And this is exactly what Eric Raymond in his propaganda says (see
the magic cauldron:
Open-source's poster boy arguing against making money from Free
software?  Surely not?  Time from me to go reread that one, I guess.

Do you wish to refer to any particular part of this publication?  Just
citing it is rather like waving one's arm at an unordered dictionary
to justify a word definition.

There seems to be a misunderstanding. ESR _is_ arguing for making money from free
software. I refer to chapter 9 "Indirect Sale-Value Models",
All these models base on making things (or services etc.) scarce. And scarcity and freedom
are a contradiction.

Due to time limitations I will respond not to all replies, but in a more general note.
Tomorrow, I hope...

I feel: this could be an essential point for the future of free software.


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