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[ox-en] Re: press release critique

[cc to oekonux: this talk with Jos raise up from a debate on a list
of free software foundation europe (fsfe) about fsfe being too much
oriented in "making money with free sofwtare"]

Hi Jos,

just pull it onto oekonux list;-)

josX wrote:
Agree. Again, didn't know about it. Maybe you can use some of the
dynamics of the list recently and that which is attached here to
further oekonux... I would much prefer that as oposed to going full
blow with FSFE.

Yes, good idea. Best would be to post your ideas (like them!) to
oekonux list. Are you subscribed? Do it like this:
list-en-request (text "subscribe"
in body). Let us discuss your points from teh begining in an open

Maybe oekonux will even improve upon free(dom) software as well... as in
free as in beer, or moving mildly in that direction (if not only to refuse
going the way of the money... but who am I talking to!).


So may I invite you to I can imagine that Stefan Merten
would be happy if someone (you;-)) would improve in that
way you describe. We are really at the beginning of expansion to
non-german speaking people.

It doesn't seem you need any help.

Oh no, there is always a place for anyone to do the right thing!
Don't think about in and out of oekonux (I have to say this to me
too;-)) - oekonux is not a closed group with a fixed ideology. Not
"we" need help - who is that? Subscribe and be oekonux. Then hear
into yourself: "want is the thing I want to do? What is _my_ thing?"
Wanna discuss about free software and free society - do it. Wanna
make t-shirt with fsfe(a) logos - do it. Wanna create a website -
lets talk about that. There are others who may like your ideas too.
This is the simple logic of free software. Oekonux works like free
software in a non-software area (well, there are software producers
too, but the main point is free society).

ok. I won't go ahead with fsfea because supporting you/oekonux is better,
and I didn't know there were already tactics being played out.

These are not special tactics, I don't think in terms of tactics.
Oekonux grew up independently of fsfe, because oekonux want more
then free software. This is just my thinking now. If you or others
bring up good arguments to irritate fsfe by founding a counter
group, ok. But I want to discuss it first with others from oekonux
list. My experience is: together we are more clever than a single

software movement and the links to other movements. I am not sure if
he is open for that - he is doing a hard fight since 20 years, and
this maybe closes your mind.

I think deep in his heart he is the same as ever, but he makes a tactical
(hmm, seem to use that word often here ;-) ) excursion into the money
area to prevent being marginalized or something, at least that is what
it look like to me.

To me too. If you get response, please let me  (or better the
list;-)) know.

Ok, I hope you can use what is included, although it is tailered for
a hypothetical fsfea.

As written: Just post it to oekonux list with same words of
explanation. Then see what happens.


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