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Re: [ox-en] Collective Consciousness

I wish I knew more than I do, and could help right now...
But at least we're standardizing on the 'right' distro: Debian

At 01:04 PM 12/11/01 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Rob Blake muttered:

Hi Everybody,

About six months ago, I too was struck by the realisation that we are seeing the emergence of a blueprint for a completely new form of human society in the Free software movement. I've registered a domain ( and intend to use it to set up a phpnuke site to discuss exactly the same issues as this mailing list. I've had many discussions about this topic only to branded a utopian fool. To discover that others have already set off down the same road gives me confidence that my intuitions were indeed correct. If there is anybody out there who would be interested in helping me to set up the site, please contact me. I have a box running debian connected to a decent pipe, and I can use phpnuke for the actual site, so I really need people to help me with content and to keep am eye on discussion threads etc.


Rob Blake



The Revolution will not be televised: News at 11...

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