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Re: Self-development instead of self-unfolding? (was: Re: [ox-en] Free time)

Stefan Merten wrote:
Actually because I don't know this for sure I sticked to
self-unfolding. It does definitely not mean self-actualization
("Selbstverwirklichung") where we had a discussion on the German list
some time ago.

Self-development, however, seems to have a number of connotations I
think are valid. And even [] sees it that way.
Well, I think it would be better to replace "self-unfolding" by

I've googled it-- the results do not look to good. For example:

* "Managing small businesses -- self development tips"
  (e.g.: "Take classes to stay current in your field of expertise.
          The world is changing rapidly and you must learn to manage
          change to avoid obsolescence. The way Will Rogers put this
          was that 'Even if you are on the right track, if you just
          sit there you will get run over.'")

* "Self-development -- key skills for better
   business management."

* "Self development tips --> Determination - the key to success"
  "I think the key words in the path to success are:
   Others are FOCUS and a SINGLE-MINDEDNESS (in pursuit of one's
   goals). The words 'determination' and (by association) 
   'ruthlessness', suggest a person who wants success and power
   for it's own sake. This is another sort of obsession. However,
   a desire for power, riches and fame may have virtually nothing
   to do with it. By the way, I feel that not all successful people 
   and business executives are ruthless - they are not all 'money
   grabbing corporate raiders'. Most of them are 'normal and good
   family men', who have perfectly natural reactions in that they
   hate firing employees. 'Soft gentle souls!'"

* Self development books, e.g. "Discovering the Leader in You : A
  Guide to Realizing Your Personal Leadership Potential."
  "Many executives find themselves in leadership roles by default
   and then discover they are just not personally suited to them.
   Through examples, exercises, and research results, this book
   offers an intentional way for leaders, and those who aspire to
   be, to match leadership roles with their personal preferences
   and capabilities."

...and so on and so on...

This is just half of the pile, though. The other half is esoteric, which
is no closer to what we want to communicate. It seems that English
self-development is somewhat like a mixture of German
Selbstverwirklichung and Selbsterfahrung.

I think we do need a new word...

- Benja

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