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Re: [ox-en] Brave GNU World

Hi Claude and all!

4 days ago I Claude Harper wrote:
Along those lines, I am not sure about this fully automated, techtopia
Wouldn't the self-enfolding of food be permaculture instead of

Is it per se? I think these are pretty individual decisions. I could
imagine both.

But decisions of the plants and animals?  Or absolute human domination of
the non-human without consideration as to their self-enfolding?

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying we can live without killing plants and
animals (ok, maybe without animals), but self-enfolding is a quality of all
nature.  It seems a noble guesture to try to maximize it.  Not only that but
it would have similar benefits - minimizing the labor necessary to produce
food and other benefits.  Perma-culture aims to work optimally with the
self-enfolding of plants and animals.

   Food for thought, bioponics is the idea of growing fish and plants
together, feeding off each other,  - off each others self-enfolding and
humans feeding off their collective self-enfolding.

Yes, there are many interesting experiments. And, yes, personally I
think that self-unfolding of humans is coupled with what may called
self-unfolding of plants and animals. So I'd tend to say that in a GPL
society agriculture would be at least similar to organic agriculture

However, I could imagine another path in parallel. Today we have a
rather big food industry and lots of ingredients of our daily food are
synthesized in one or another way. There are even examples of how
calories, proteins and so on is synthesized from raw material totally
alien from classic farming. If the quality is ok I could imagine this
a parallel source of food.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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