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Re: [ox-en] Stock Markets and a GPL Society

Hi sjhs and all!

Interesting questions you're posing!

5 days ago sjhs wrote:
A society based on self-unfolding, i.e. doing things that directly
benefit you but that also potentially benefit others--what relation
would it have to the concept of a stock market?

First I have a question to your question. What is a stock market all
about - i.e. what are the important things for you?

Stock markets as they are today are based on money. In a GPL society
money would be not needed, so there is no base for stock markets as we
know them. After all money constitutes - and is constituted by -
coercion / power and these things limit self-unfolding.

Is it totally
inconceivable that self-unfolding can occur even when the primary
purpose of the market is to support and, optimally, have power over
the investees?

Well, I think the interesting question is - and one we did not address
until today - how is the surplus product used and how this is decided
on on a societal level. That would point at your point of support.

However, power over the people who receive the surplus product, would
not change much in the way things are done today. At least the theory
stemming from the Free Software phenomenon is, that exactly this
limits the creative processes more than it does benefit them. That's
why Free Software outplays proprietary software.

So in a GPL society where the self-unfolding of all is the
precondition for your individual self-unfolding and vice versa it
would be counterproductive to even want that power.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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